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Seven News, November 20, 1976

Seven News Distribution Manager Audrey Smolin left the paper on November 6. Audrey is leaving Ward Seven to move to Ottawa – which is still outside the Seven News distribution area, despite the excellent work Audrey has done in getting Seven News out to more and more people over an ever-expanding area. The paper will miss Audrey’s contribution – but at least she’s promised to take out a subscription...

Carolyn Barber has been added to the 7 News Board of Directors. Her qualifications include a spell as 7 News Advertising Manager...

The Board of Directors has set up three committees to help manage the affairs of the paper. All of them can use more volunteers to serve on them. The committees are (1) Fundraising, which presently consists of Alan Gardner and Teresa Cregg, (2) Editorial, which consists of Tom Corbett and Lynn Bissell, and (3) Personnel, with Miles Brickman and Carolyn Barber. Other committees may be formed later.

This article was published in Seven News, Volume 7, Number 11, November 20, 1976