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Brief calls for changes at Wellesley

Seven News, May 21, 1977

The brief on Wellesley hospital makes a number of recommendations, including the following:

  • That the family doctor or community health centre be telephoned at the time of admission of any patient, be kept informed, and be notified by phone of the patient’s discharge.
  • That staff should routinely ask people if they require a wheelchair, and that a sign at the entrance inform the public that wheelchairs are available.
  • That staff should consider it part of their responsibility to keep the patient and anyone waiting informed of what is happening, how long a wait to expect, etc.
  • That one person should be permitted to accompany the patient into emergency, except when the doctor is actually examining the patient.
  • That medical staff explain to the patient and a waiting relative or friend the nature of the problem that has been diagnosed.
  • That information sheets or pamphlets should be available to patients.
  • That a less threatening, less barren atmosphere be established in the waiting room for the initial interview and for those waiting.
  • That a ward alderman (Ward 6 or 7) and a representative of the community should be elected to the Board of Wellesley Hospital.
  • That the Hospital Board recognize and work with a community advisory committee, which would monitor hospital policy, channel information and suggestions to board and staff, review complaints and make recommendations, and act when necessary as patient advocate.
  • That emergency room procedures be re-evaluated in consultation with the community advisory committee.

Published in Seven News, Volume 7, Number 23, May 21, 1977.

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