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Barr to be Board Chairman

By Ulli Diemer
Seven News, December 18, 1976

Ward Seven school trustee Doug Barr seems certain to become the next chairman of the Toronto School Board.

Although the official naming of the new chairman will not take place until the first meeting of the new Board on January 5th, informal discussions among trustees have established that Barr is a virtual shoo-in for the position.

The voting at the Board meeting for a chairman tends to be a mere formality, because trustees meet beforehand to make the decision. Trustees are scheduled to meet privately on December 17 to make their choice.

Of the possible contenders for the job, only Barr and Ward 8 trustee Dennis Colby have indicated that they are still interested in running for the chairmanship. Colby is given little or no chance of getting any votes other than his own.

The vice-chairmanship seems likely to go to trustee Dan Leckie of Ward 6.

These selections mark the continuation of a recent trend on the Board to have senior positions filled by inner-city trustees.

Published in Seven News, Volume 7, Number 13, 18 December 1976