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Entire ward invited to Seven News annual meeting and party

7 News is a community newspaper, owned and controlled by the community, responsible to the community, dependent on community support for its existence.

Although the paper employs a small paid staff, it continues to exist only because a large number of volunteers, friends and contracts throughout Ward 7 support and work for the paper in a great number of different ways.

The people in Ward 7 support their newspaper by distributing it door to door, writing for it, taking photographs, telling the staff about events that are happening, donating money, or just reading it with interest.

Most of this activity has to be its own reward – the paper can’t afford to pay. But all this participation does deserve some kind of recognition.

Which is why we have organized a pub night – fun night for Saturday, June 26 at 8 p.m. at the Don Vale Community Centre at 80 Winchester St. There will be drinks, entertainment, food and fun. It’s also an opportunity to meet your fellow volunteers and Ward 7 residents, talk to them, discuss the paper, the ward, and the world.

And just before the pub night begins there will be a 7 News general meeting which will hear reports from the Board and the staff and generally discuss the affairs of the paper. Everyone living or working in the Ward 7 area is invited and urged to come and participate in the meeting, to raise questions, and make suggestions.

And everyone in Ward 7 is also invited to attend the pub night, whether you’re a volunteer, the friend of a volunteer, a past or potential volunteer, a friend of the paper, or simply someone who reads and enjoys it. The paper tries to bring the people of Ward 7 together through its pages – now we would also like to bring you together in person.

The pub night, the social part of the evening, begins immediately after the general meeting – we estimate, sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. Admission to both is free.

So…come one, come all. Participate in the decision-making, and participate in the fun. It’s your newspaper.

Published in Seven News, 26 June 1976