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Our Supporting Members
By Howard Huggett
Seven News, May 23, 1980

When I first realized that Seven News was about to start on its second decade I was reminded that I myself had been involved with the paper for only about three and a half years. Yet all that time I had been living in the same place and was barely aware that Seven News existed. Why had it taken so long for me to become active in this area?

I suppose the reason was during all those years it hadn’t yet dawned on me what an important place is the neighbourhood in which you live. This world of ours has become so vast and it is manipulated by such huge powerful organizations that an ordinary citizen feels just about helpless to exert any influence on the course of events. Only in the neighbourhood where you live and/or work, shop or relax is it possible to make much of a contribution to a common effort at improving your surroundings. Not only that, but what goes on in your own area is so important to you that it makes good sense to devote some time to neighbourhood activities.

Ward Seven is a very active, vital and interesting place to live, to work, to shop or to play, and this happy situation is due in no small part to the fact that it has a neighbourhood newspaper that does its best to keep the local peple informed of the issues, to encourage them to get involved, and to report what they do about it. Seven News does a pretty good job, considering how short of money it has been. It can do an even better job with some more help.

Here is your chance to do your part. We are asking those who can to contribute $10 for a sustaining membership, but if that is more than you can manage a smaller donation will help – and it will be most appreciated.

One of the most important forms of support for 7 News comes from our Supporting members: our many friends in the community who each year make donations to keep 7 News alive. Our supporting members for the 1979-80 year were:

Andrew Keith
Jim McDonald
Dr. Charles Pavlin
Mrs. B. Thompson
Frank Showler
Howard Huggett
John and Barbara Abercrombie

Bev Coney
Vern Burnet
Jane Craig
Mr. Kowalchuk
Polly McLeod Evans
Mrs. Kittle Fells
Jan Cornish
Edi Zupanic and Sheila Vrebosch
Manual Pacheco
Douglas Bower
Enid Donnlly
Lilyan Wiley
Avivah Wargon
Frida Argal
R. Renshaw
W. J. Stapleton
Alan Dudeck
J. McDonough
Evelyn Elrick
Mrs. E. Cameron
Mr. John Schleinig
Neighbourhood Legal Services
Dorothea Cook
John and Leith piper
Ida Schneider
Gwen Davenport
Canadian Red Cross
Marjorie Fawcett
Douglas Chambers
Brain and Sheila Harrod
Diane Siabil
Eleanor and Dave Britton
Carolyn Barber
Harry and Sarah Sisson
Tim McCaskell
Amy Preston
Rosemarie and Gerry White
Frankland School
Rita Hoffman
Mrs. Patricia Wilson
Mari King
Boys and Girls club of Downtown Toronto
Ke Soon Lee
Bob Jordan
Elizadth Nyburg
Chirstian Community center
Jesuit Community
Patrick J. Ryan
Wendy Fisher
Big Sister Association
Miss Gladys M. Hall
Nina Herman
John Gilbert
Sharon Lynas
Reva, Giuliana, and Bob Katz
Stephen and Angela Langmead
David Reville
Joseph S. Dank
J. M. O’Brien
Elizabeth Rainsberry
Ken Popert
Carol Ramm
Dr. Elmyre Versteeg
Mrs.Lois Day
Broadview Community
Health Clinic
Andrew Stanley
George and Dora Rust-D’Eye
Graham and Charlotte Mudge
Danny and Cathy Rideout
Jonathan and Dinah Forbes
James Lorimer and Co.
Marsha and Gordon Cressy
Meca Tavern Baseball Team
Rose Avenue School
B. Arnott
C. Hassard
A. Faulkner
Doris Ward
Withrow Public School
Miss Lita Harvey
Mara Glebovs
Albert Jewellers Ltd.
Mrs. Edith Harper
Valerie V. Veinotte
Dundas Public School
Robert and Carolyn Gardner
Anawin House
George Shane
Park Public School
M. Nichol
JoAnn and Rob Hutchison
Diana Baker
Michael Campbell
Valerie Lawson
Cynthia Carver
Celedonio M. Gloria Jr.
Patricia Schulz
Kathleen Wadwell
Mr.Marion R. Norman
Paul Denham
Liz Gordon
William Korince
Vallery Blumes
Everett N. Drake
Gilbert Budway
Queen Alexandra School
Margaret Stokes
Winston and Marle Roach
Royal Home Hardware
James Swift
Lois Duncan
Centrial Neighbourhood House
Gurney G. Goulton
Shirley Spaldind
Cyndy Robinson and David Clark
Barrie Chavel
Elizabeth Hariss and J. Murtagh
Georgan Martell
Judy Haiven
Nettleship Hardware
Beth Rodger
Sandra and David Clandfield
Beth Savan and A. Easty
James Campbell
Amelia Kane
Roberta Ramm
Tom and Linda Edwards
F. David Rounthwaite
Terence O’Sullivan
Carol Lapointe
Rosaline R. Lamb
L. Garber
Wayne Rosenman
Thomas J. Stovell
Lis Daley
Wolfe Erlichman
Willy Bauer
K. Hamel

Cabbagetown Boxing and Youth Centre
Roger Rolfe
Mrs. Dorothy Patterson
Paula Hassard
Beatrice Broughton
K. W. Burgin
Patricia Trudeau
Robert Innes
Johanna D’Arnaud
Karl Wieland
Dixon Hall
Elizabeth Whitten
Jake Verkade
David Ruppel and Suzanne Noble
Mr. Pulverizer
John Argue
Dorothy Bushey
155 Sherbourne Street Resdents’ Association
Marion Kirkwood
R. Metcalfe
Mrs. Patricia Moses
Mrs. Grace Stewart
Sheila Proctor
Miss Connie Ross
Lorne Heffelfinger
Jill Walton
Alexandra Wilson
Cathryn Brookfield
Ralph Cunningham
Janet Howard
Pat and Gerry Grand
Douglas Stewart
Cecil J.E. Price
Gord Guyatt
Thomas H. Wickett
Mrs. Catherine Rekai
Duncan McLaren
Jim Kirkwood
V.I. Goring
Bonnie Alter
Pat O’Rourke
Grace Harris (Open Door Centre)
Andrew Keith

This article was published in Seven News, Volume 10, Number 23, May 23, 1980