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Letter to the Red Menace #5

Canada's pride

One of the nicest things about my brief visit to Canada was finding Red Menace in the Alternative Bookshop in Montreal. I particularly liked Ulli Diemer's articles on Marxism and Anarchism, as the connection between the two have been of concern to me recently, and I felt he helped clarify several important points. I also found the thoughts on organization helpful; as a radical feminist trying to bring about desperately needed reforms e.g. in the abortion situation, while keeping much larger, libertarian goals in mind, the question of how to organize looms large. Finally, the cartoons were very funny - the "sensuous hippos" had me in stitches.

I enclose $5 for a subscription plus postage to New Zealand. I look forward to receiving the paper and wish you all the best.

Christine Dann

P.S. I'll recommend Red Menace to as many N.Z. friends/acquaintances as possible.


Published in The Red Menace, Number 5, Summer 1980.


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