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We see the Red Menace as an organ of communication; and an expression of creativity, not as our mouthpiece. Consequently we urge you, our readers, to become our writers and artists as well. The Red Menace cannot live up to its potential unless many of you contribute to it. We are particularily interested in encouraging those who do not normally write for publication to do so. Everyone has thoughts about life and how it could be changed that are worth sharing. Don't think you have to write long, definitive articles. Short letters, brief comments on some specific point, are most welcome. Accounts of daily-life experiences are particularily important to us. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Just one request: please write in plain English, not in jargon shrouded in a fog of latinized double-talk. We are also most interested in making The Red Menace a vehicle of artistic expression. Please submit your drawings, photographs, poems, collages, songs, or whatever.

Revolution is a supreme act of creativity. Let us keep our creativity developing and floursihing as we strive to bring it about.


Published in Volume 2, Number 2 of The Red Menace, Spring 1978.


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