The Red Menace

[Red Menace #3, Spring 1978]

Libertarian socialism hasn't swept the world (yet!) but libertarian ideas, literature, publications, and groups are to be found in an amazing number of places. If we are to turn these beginnings into a full-fledged movement, we will have to establish more contact with each other, co-operate with each other, and learn from each other as we work to improve our ideas and our practice. In the last issue, we listed a number of publications and groups. In this issue, we add to this list, and we will continue to do so from issue to issue. We don't necessarily endorse everything these groups have to say, but we think they are worth knowing about.

But first the bad news: Liberation, one of the oldest and best publications on the left on North America, has ceased publication for the time being. The Liberation collective intends to spend the next few months trying to re-start the publication, seeking commitments from writers and potential financial backers. We hope they succeed.

Soil of Liberty
P.O. Box 7056
Powderhorn Station
Minneapolis, Minn, 55407

"Put out by North Country Anarchists and anarcho-feminists", Soil of Liberty is a modest little publication that consistently produces high-quality, interesting, thoughtful writing. Subscription rates are $3-$4 /year.

Left Face
available from Cineaste,
333 Sixth Ave., New York,
N.Y. 10014, U.S.A., or,
Smyrna Press,
Box 841,
Stuyvesant Station,
New York, N.Y. 10009,

Left Face is a source book of radical magazines, presses, and collec-tives actively involved in the arts (in North America). It's a useful compilation. The cost is $1.50.

Librairie Alternative Bookshop
2033 Boulevard St. Laurent,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Carries a wide selection of books, pamphlets, periodicals, many of them from a libertarian perspective, all available by mail order. Write them for a free catalogue.

Open Road
P.O. Box 6135,
Station G,
Vancouver, Canada

The Open Road, mentioned in the last Red Menace, carried a listing of North American anti-authoritarian groups in its winter issue that is quite extensive, and useful.

Box 6300,
Station A,
Toronto, Canada

Not to be confused with the Synthesis mentioned in the last issue of The Red Menace, this publication, put out by the Canadian News Synthesis Project, appears monthly with its review of events reported in the Canadian press. It's a very useful aid in keeping up with what's going on. Subscriptions $10.00 per year.

News from Neasden
22 Fleet Rd.,
London NW3 2QS,

A catalogue of new radical publications. Useful for keeping track of new materials as they appear. Subscriptions $3.00.

The Cienfuegos Press
Anarchist Review,
Sanday, Orkney,
KW17 2BL,
United Kingdom

An impressive, substantial publication, with a large number of good articles, reviews, and graphics. It contains the best current anarchist writing that we have come across. Two pounds U.K.

Published in Volume 2, Number 2 of The Red Menace, Spring 1978.




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