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September 4, 2014

Recent Updates to Connexions.org

Connexions Alternative Media List

Getting the news – and getting behind the news.

An updated version of Connexions’ alternative media list is now available on Connexions.org.

This is a selective list of progressive and independent news and analysis sources. It’s not a complete list; there are many other excellent websites offering news and information, many of them listed in Directory of Groups and Websites on Connexions.org.

The mainstream corporate and state-owned media are at best a severely distorted mirror of what is happening. Even a distorted mirror can give some idea of reality, but the alternative media attempt to provide alternative perspectives that go beyond the status quo ideology.

Of course, all media, mainstream or alternative, right or left, must be read critically. Alternative media are quite capable of getting things wrong or publishing nonsense. They also often disagree with each other. This can be helpful. Hearing about different approaches, and thinking about the reasons behind them, helps us understand things better.

The Connexions Alternative Media List is available Here.

This Week on Connexions.org

Corporations Spy on Non-Profits with Impunity

Here’s a dirty little secret you won’t see in the daily papers: corporations conduct espionage against US nonprofit organizations without fear of being brought to justice.

Yes, that means using a great array of spycraft and snoopery, including planned electronic surveillance, wiretapping, information warfare, infiltration, dumpster diving and so much more. Read more

The liberal climate agenda is doomed to failure

Liberal environmentalism represents a dangerous delusion, writes Scott Parkin - that 'playing nice' with Earth-destroying corporations and politicians can yield results worth having. Radical change on climate will only result from bold, confrontational direct actions against the fossil fuel industries and their apologists. Read more

Monsanto and Ukraine

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), under terms of their $17 billion loan to Ukraine, will force that country to permit genetically-modified (GM) crops and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture. Read more

More chance of dying from work than going to war - International Labour Organization

Going to war may seem one of the most hazardous ordeals on the planet, but perhaps not. The International Labor Organization (ILO) says there is more chance of dying from work than fighting for your country on the battlefield. Read more

Tim’s + BK = $ for Canada right? Wrong! (in one table)

Big news today that Burger King, a US company, is planning to buy Tim Horton’s, a Canadian one. This is another in a string of “tax inversion” deals where US corporations move their corporate headquarters from the US to elsewhere to avoid US taxation. They don’t actually change anything or move anyone outside of their accounting fairyland. Instead, they just check some different boxes on their income tax forms and 'poof' save millions in taxes. Read more

People's History and Grass Roots Archives news

A Hundred Years Gone: The Sack of Louvain

Of all the acts committed by German troops in Leuven in August 1914, none sparked more outrage within European and North American intellectual circles than the destruction of the university library – laid to waste on the night of August 25, 1914.

Leuven University’s medieval library was one of Europe’s great national treasure troves. It was home to one of Europe’s finest collections of Humanist, Reformation and Enlightenment literature, including priceless incunabula – books printed in the first decades of the printing press.

An estimated eight hundred and fifty incunabula were destroyed in the fire German soldiers set on the evening of August 25, 1914 – for reasons that are still in dispute among First World War scholars – and between 230,000 and 300,000 volumes of books.


Book Spotlight: Bold Scientists Dispatches from the Battle for Honest Science

As governments and corporations scramble to pull the plug on research that proves that they are poisoning our planet and rush to muzzle the scientists who dare to share their disturbing data, it seems the powerful have declared a war on science.

Michael Riordon asks deep questions of bold scientists who defy the status quo including: an Indigenous biologist who integrates traditional knowledge and a trickster’s wit; an engineering professor who exposes the myths and dangers of fracking; a forensic geneticist who traces children stolen by the military in El Salvador; a sociologist who investigates the lure and threat of mass surveillance; a radical psychologist who confronts psychiatry’s dangerous power; and a young marine biologist who risks her career to defend science and democracy (Between the lines)

Read more ...

Treasures from the Archives: The Labor Film Archive

The Labor Film Archive is the website to visit if you are looking for works related to the labor movement. With over 1,700 films and videos listed and cataloged, The Labor Film Archive, is not only the largest archive of its kind, but it is also the most convenient and easily searchable.

Read more ...

Topic of the Week: Violence Against Journalists

This week we learned about the tragic killing of Steven Sotloff by ISIS militants, sadly this is not a rare occurrence - there have been at least 70 journalist killed in the Syria conflict alone. Often times journalists are targeted for bringing inconvenient or uncomfortable truths to the public and are subject to not only killings but also torture and imprisonment. For more sources on Violence Against Journalist click here. You can also browse or use our search feature.

Website of the Week: The Young Turks

Looking for an unapologetically progressive news show with passionate and diverse hosts? One with particular focus, not just on the big stories but also on the one not covered by larger and more mainstream media because particular bias. If so, visit the The Young Turks, the largest online news network in the world. Covering a broad range of topics, including politics, religion, and sexuality with hosts from various academic, professional and social backgrounds, The Young Turks is a left leaning news option in an otherwise very conservative space.

Connexions Calendar

September 4 to 5, 2014
Internet Ungovernance Forum
Istanbul, Turkey

September 5 to 7, 2014
Loving More’s 28th Annual Polyamory
New York, USA

September 9, 2014
Miramichi Forum: Great Resource Giveaway
Miramichi, New Brunswick

September 11 to 15, 2014
Eden Mills Writers Festival
Eden Mills, Ontario


Seeds of Fire

September 4, 1870

Emperor Napoleon III of France is deposed, two days after his defeat and capture in the Franco-Prussian War.

September 4, 1926

Birth of philosopher and social critic Ivan Illich (1926-2002).

September 4, 1949

Paul Robeson defies a racist red-baiting mob and sings to 15,000 at a Labour Day gathering in Peekskill, New York.

September 4, 1970

Salvador Allende, a moderate socialist, is elected President of Chile. Having failed in its efforts to prevent Allende’s election, the American CIA immediately begins efforts to overthrow him. They succeed in organizing a bloody coup on September 11, 1973.

Read more →

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