Science for Peace
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15 King's College Circle, 045 University College
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
M5S 3H7


Contact: Judith Deutsch, President

Purpose: Science for Peace is a Canadian organization which brings together those interested in the natural and social sciences in order to address the global crises facing humankind. The members of Science for Peace oppose the misuse of science and dedicate their expertise and influence to fostering peace, justice and the health of the planet.
Science for Peace is actively involved in peace research and similar educational projects. We are concerned with preventing mass military destruction whether by accident or design, and also with averting global starvation, poverty, and environmental catastrophies.
Science for Peace is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the UN and is unique among the "scientific" NGO's in having disarmament and peace issues as its main concern.

Activities/Services: Education, Research, Speakers

Budget: Less than $25,000

Geographic Scope: National

Languages: English

Personnel: 0 staff,

Resources: Books, E_publicn, Magazine, Reports

Structure: Directors, Non-Profit


Peace Magazine
Format: NG

Frequency: 6/y

Subject Headings:

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