Loving More
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PO Box 1658
Loveland, CO 80539,

E-Mail: lovingmore@lovingmorenonprofit.org
Website: http://www.lovingmorenonprofit.org/

Purpose: A place to explore polyamory, to connect with others of like mind, to explore the possibilities of honest multi-partnered relationships and to learn how to make polyamorous relating work.
We are a national organization and resource for people who wish to live outside traditional monogamy responsibly and with integrity. We call it polyamory or Loving More. Our goal is to support relationships based on love, commitment, growth, respect for diversity, honesty, and personal responsibility, to help distribute books relevant to polyamory, to host conferences and workshops, and to act as a national clearinghouse and public forum for the polyamorous movement.

Activities/Services: Counseling, Education, Speakers, Workshops

Geographic Scope: National

Languages: English

Resources: Books, Database, Magazine

Structure: Non-Profit


Loving More

Frequency: 4/yr

Subscription Price: $25/yr

We welcome media calls. See our media profile in Sources.

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