Octopus Books
Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites 2023

116 Third Ave
Ottawa, ON
K1S 2K1

Website: https://octopusbooks.ca/

Purpose: Octopus Books originated in 1969. It began as a socialist newspaper but soon evolved into a small bookstore. The store operated as a collective for 27 years until it was bought by three faithful members, one of whom eventually assumed full responsibility. Although the store is now privately owned, it is still committed to its socialist roots and this is reflected in its stock, managerial style, and the faces of its happy workers. At Octopus Books it is our goal to provide a forum for radical and revolutionary voices, local authors, small presses, and writers from a variety of countries and cultures. We also feel that it is important to provide an alternative to large corporate bookstores and to celebrate our own independence and unconventional politics.

Founded: 1969

Languages: English

Structure: Non-Profit

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