Ark II - The Animal Rights Kollective/Ark II
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P.O. Box 687, Station Q
Toronto, ON
M4T 2N5


Purpose: To promote and protect the rights of all animals and foster their individual liberties through direct action, political action, and public awareness campaigns. Our goal is to abolish all forms of cruelty and exploitation of animals including vivisection, the fur trade, factory farming, and sport or entertainment involving animals.

Activities/Services: Courses, Demonstations, Education, Exhibits, Workshops

Budget: Less than $25,000

Founded: 1983

Geographic Scope: National

Languages: English

Membership: 2000

Other: Direct action, street theatre, high school library resource kits

Personnel: 12 volunteers

Resources: Newsletter, Reports, Slides, Videos

Structure: Directors, Non-Profit


Ark II Activist

Frequency: 4/yr

Subject Headings:

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