International Socialists
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P.O. Box 339, Stn. E
Toronto, ON
M6H 4E3


Purpose: The world cries out for change - radical change. The International Socialists reject the world of oppression, war, misery, exploitation and environmental destruction that capitalism has created.
We see the potential for a different world, based on real democratic control over the major decisions that affect people's everyday lives.
The outlines of this better world exist in the present, in the struggles against war, neoliberalism and oppression. As socialists we are part of these day-to-day struggles, but we also bring a vision of what socialism could be, and the steps to achieve this radically different society.
The International Socialists are part of a network of revolutionary socialist organizations worldwide.
In Canada, we have branches and members in cities across the country.
We publish a monthly newspaper Socialist Worker.

Activities/Services: Community Action, Courses, Demonstations, Education, Speakers, Workshops

Budget: Less than $25,000

Founded: 1975

Geographic Scope: National, International

Languages: English

10 local branches

Membership: 220

Resources: Books, Newspaper

Structure: Cooperative, Non-Profit, Worker Controlled


Socialist Worker

Frequency: 11/yr

ISSN: 0836-7094

Subscription Price: $10

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