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110 - 360 Columbia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 4J1


Purpose: Vancouver Co-operative Radio, CFRO, 100.5FM is a non-commercial, co-operatively-owned, listener-supported, community radio station. Located in East Vancouver and with long-time roots in the Downtown Eastside, Co-op Radio is a voice for the voiceless that strives to provide a space for under-represented and marginalized communities. Co-op Radio aims to increase community participation by encouraging examination of the social and political concerns of the geographic and cultural communities of BC.

Co-op Radio's more than 400 volunteer programmers provide programming 24 hours a day in the areas of arts, public affairs, music and in languages other than English. We strive to provide programming that does not discriminate against people on the grounds of sex, race, age, class, ability, sexual orientation, or anything else. Our first priority is to provide a media outlet for the economically, socially or politically disadvantaged. We provide news and perspectives that are not otherwise accessible - information that is not covered by the conventional media or perspectives that challenge mainstream media coverage.

In our public affairs, we try to provide airtime to many socials groups who are frequently ignored by the conventional media. We aim to cover issues and events from the perspective of the social movements involved in addressing them.

In music, our primary emphasis is on promoting exposure to locally-produced and performed music, whether it be live or recorded. We also focus on broadcasting music that is both entertaining and rarely heard elsewhere. Our music programmers put the music they play in context by providing information both about the performers and the genre.

Our arts programming presents the work of local artists, especially those who are not yet established or who are dealing with contemporary social issues. Co-op Radio provides a forum for artists to showcase their work and to promote local shows and performances.

About 20% of our programming is broadcast in languages other than English. We give priority to people from language groups who have no access to media or who wish to provide a significant alternative to existing media outlets for that group.

The heart of Co-op Radio is our over 400 volunteer programmers who produce our programming. Each programmer at Co-op Radio is required to contribute 2 hours of non-programming-related time to the co-op every month. In this way, programmers are not only responsible for what goes over the airwaves, but also take an active role in the running of the station.

Budget: $100,000 to $500,000

Geographic Scope: Regional

Languages: English, Armenian, Bengali, English, Ethopian, French, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish

Membership: 30000

Other: Broadcast community-based radio throughout BC

Personnel: 4 staff, 400 volunteers

Structure: Cooperative, Directors, Non-Profit


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