Prince George Public Interest Research Group - PGPIRG
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Purpose: Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) bring together students, staff, faculty and community groups to organize around issues of public interest, such as the environment and social justice. We promote and conduct research and action in these areas. PIRGs were initiated by American consumer activist Ralph Nader. They began organizing on American campuses in the 1970s, then later, on campuses in Canada. Currently, there are PIRGs in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia as well as in the United States and Australia.
We are student-funded, which means that all students are automatically members, ensuring that we are not tied to government, university or corporate funding. Students do have the option of requesting a fee refund and withdrawing their membership. We are non-partisan, meaning that we do not support political parties. PGPIRG runs projects and actions through smaller groups called Action Groups. These groups are student-run and focus on specific areas of interest. You are invited to participate in whatever interests you, and we#d be happy to help you put wheels on your idea! PGPIRG uses a decision making process called Consensus, which we believe helps our organization make better decisions in a respectful and open manner. Everyone is welcome to drop by our office, drop us email, and get involved!

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