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Purpose: I#lam is a Palestinian NGO based out of Nazareth working towards an improved reality for the Arab community in Israel. By engaging in research, education, and activism with a media focus, we strive to contribute to the advancement of Israel#s Palestinian community, strengthening the professional capacities of Arab media personnel and promoting the human rights of the Palestinian Arab Community in Israel.


To promote democracy, human rights and freedom of expression and information for Arab society in Israel, and to advocate for fairness, equity and impartiality in Israeli media coverage;

To protect and promote the media rights of Arab media practitioners and media institutions;

To professionalize the work of Arab media practitioners and institutions and to advocate for progressive and pluralistic norms;

To raise awareness of Arab journalists about their professional rights and Arab society of their communication rights;

To empower and equip Palestinian citizens of Israel to build effective and sustainable relationships with the Israeli, Arabic and global media landscapes

Structure: Non-Profit

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