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Purpose: Today, many struggles have an international dimension. The people involved face a social and international context mediated by capital which is turned against them. Capital and workers themselves move faster than their struggles spread:
* Migrant agricultural workers are being replaced by other newer migrants,
* Workers in older core-industries are put under pressure by (threatened) relocation or closure,
* Workers in new factories and development areas are threatened by flexible work-rules and unemployment,
* The unemployed see themselves forced into more intense flexibility and into undermining work standards,
* Workers in many production units are being played off against each other by intensive transportion and new communication technologies...
If we want to understand these trends and support the struggles taking place under these circumstances, we have to acknowlege and analyse their international dimension - and organize an international debate about them.
Unions and other forms of workers' representation clearly remain an obstacle for further development of struggles. By narrowly focusing on the interests of single companies, professions, nationalities etc., unions can do nothing but widen the divisions within the class. They need to stick to forms of representation and delegation to negotiate, and therefore have to suppress tendencies towards self-organisation and autonomy within the struggles. They do this, for instance, by retaining and manipulating information or by releasing reports merely glorifying struggles (whether lost or won).
There is also growing potential for links between the so-called social movements, the new forms of organizing they develop and the direct action of proletarian struggles. Some of these trends we could see within the so-called antiglobalization movement. We want to circulate reports about experiences of self-organisation within these conflicts, understand their material conditions, and acknowledge their potentials and difficulties.

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