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Purpose: is the product of international co-operation between anarchist groups and individuals who agree with our editorial statement. It is intended to further communciation, discussion and debate within the global anarchist movement. Our intention is to build this site into a resource that is truly global and multilingual. We intend to work closely with the anarchist movement that exist. All of the editors are either members of anarchist organisations or part of collectives that are seeking to form organisations.
We identify ourselves as anarchists and with the "platformist", anarchist-communist or especifista tradition of anarchism. We broadly identify with the theoretical base of this tradition and the organisational practice it argues for, but not necessarily everything else it has done or said, so it is a starting point for our politics and not an end point.

The core ideas of this tradition that we identify with are the need for anarchist political organisations that seek to develop:
* Theoretical Unity
* Tactical Unity
* Collective Action and Discipline
* Federalism
Anarchism will be created by the class struggle between the vast majority of society (the working class) and the tiny minority that currently rule. A successful revolution will require that anarchist ideas become the leading ideas within the working class. This will not happen spontaneously. Our role is to make anarchist ideas the leading ideas or, as it is sometimes expressed, to become a "leadership of ideas".

Geographic Scope: International

Languages: Armenian, Dutch, Farsi, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Structure: Non-Profit

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