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Purpose: Joey Skaggs is a storyteller, myth-maker, skeptic, philosopher, writer, performer, and artist. His work is designed to rock the boat -- disturb, provoke, aggravate, and annoy the status quo, as well as to help make social change through awareness; expand people's understanding and tolerance of other cultures and concepts; and creatively inspire people towards self-empowerment.
Skaggs holds a mirror up to society. He illustrates how hype, hypocrisy, propaganda and disinformation that is fed to the media is consequently fed by the media to the public. And he shows, by example, how vulnerable the public is to abuses of a media that is largely owned by giant conglomerate corporations for whom the bottom line is the first priority. Issues of misuse of power, conflicts of interest and the use of infotainment commercials as news, abound.
While he makes people laugh, he also hopes to make them think. Among his many messages are:
Question authority in all its forms;
Don't give up critical analysis for wishful thinking;
Look to more than one source for information; and
Question preconceived notions and prejudices.

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