Boiling Frog
Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites 2022

Box 283
Craik, SK
S0G 0V0


Purpose: Promote and distribute activist and independent media committed to issues such as: environment, social justice, poverty, human rights, war, peace, globalization, direct action, etc.
Attend, support, and promote direct actions and convergences. Create a living/working, activist positive, community space and resource centre. Provide access to information and space for living, media production, screenings, gallery installations, meetings, workshops, teach-ins, feasts, celebrations, etc.
Maintain independence from corporate/government support and influence.
Provide fair and equal treatment, opportunity, and compensation for our artists, suppliers, volunteers and employees.
Co-operate with artists, community/affinity groups, NGO s, collectives, activists, organizers, students and educators.
Use and promote appropriate technologies and techniques that lessen our impact on the environment.
Support independent goods and service providers that are either actively working towards the same goals or demonstrating interest in educating themselves and becoming involved in the cause(s) .
Resist !

Geographic Scope: National

Languages: English

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