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Beat Generation: Connexipedia Article
A group of American writers who came to prominence in the 1950s, and the cultural phenomena that they wrote about and inspired.
Communication for and Against Democracy
Raboy, Marc and Bruck, Peter A. (ed.)
This anthology explores the circumstances in which communication serves at times as an instrument of repression and domination, and at others as a support for human emancipation.
Decline of the English Murder: And Other Essays
Orwell, George
A collection of essays by George Orwell.
A Dweller in Peace: The Life and Times of Daniel Berrigan
Dear, John
Rev. Daniel Berrigan, the renowned anti-war activist, award-winning poet, author and Jesuit priest, who inspired religious opposition to the Vietnam war and later the U.S. nuclear weapons industry, di...
Forced Passages: Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals and the U.S. Prison Regime
Rodriguez, Dylan
The dramatic rise and consolidation of America's prison system has devastated lives and communities, but it has also transformed prisons into sites of political discourse and resistance, as they have ...
Grace Paley (1922-2007): Against The Current vol. 131
Huber-Humes, Sonya
Grace Paley described herself as a “somewhat combative pacifist and a cooperative anarchist,” and saw the role of the artist as that of “listener” who would relay stories of those made invisible by so...
Kautsky, Karl - Writings - Index
Kautsky, Karl
Writings of Karl Kautsky.
Levi, Paul - Writings - Index
Levi, Paul
Writings of Paul Levi (1886-1930).
Marguerite has come a long way
Diemer, Ulli
Literacy student writes her own story.
Mixed Media, Mixed Messages
Persky, Stan
This is a collection of columns by Vancouver Sun columnist Persky. Specifically, Persky tries to address moral and philosophical questions raised by media practices.
'Modi is God's gift to Pakistan security establishment': Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif talks about shrinking freedoms, liberal voices and human rights in Balochistan.
Adil, Hafsa
Mohammed Hanif is a Pakistani journalist and writer. In an interview with Al Jazeera he talks about the shrinking freedoms in mainstream and social media in Pakistan, the role of liberal voices and th...
Reed, John - Writings - Index
Reed, John
Writings of John Reed (1887-1920).
The Socialist Register 1975: Volume 12: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Sources.com: Portal for Journalists and Writers - The directory for reporters, writers, editors and researchers
Sources is an information portal for journalists, freelance writers, news editors, authors, researchers and journalism students -- and a resource for organizations, institutions, businesses, and ind...
Stage Writers
10 Questions for William Blum
"God forbid we should not have a Revolution every 20 years," Jefferson wrote. "The world belongs to the living," he believed, and each generation holds the world in "usufruct." In the United States i...
Traces of Magma: An Annotated Bibliography of Left Literature
Knight, Rolf
An annotated bibliography of left wing novels which deal with the lives of working people during the twentieth century.
Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals
Goodman, Paul
Whatever the subject, Goodman asks: What blocks and limits human freedom, joy, and creativity? What tends to release, free, liberate? In criticizing society and life his purpose is to improve. Goodman...
Writers in Prison
Davies, Ioan
An analysis of the work of imprisoned writers.
You Can't Read This: Forbidden Books, Lost Writing, Mistranslations, and Codes
Ross, Val
Written for children ages ten and up, You Can't Read This explores the development of alphabets, the decoding of ancient languages, and censorship in Ancient Rome and modern America.

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Sources specializes in collecting, indexing, and disseminating information to help journalists, editors, and researchers quickly reach articulate experts and spokespersons who can provide background i...

Sources Experts & Spokespersons

Sources Library

Black Day for the Blue Pencil
Blake, Morrison
Once they were key figures in literary publishing, respected by writers who acknowledged their contribution to shaping books. But, argues Blake Morrison, editors are now an endangered species.The edit...
The Canadian Writers' Guide
13th edition
Cormack, Paul G.; Shewchuk, Murphy O.
Over 130 how-to articles on many aspects of writng for publication.
Federal Writers' Project
Wikipedia article
A United States federal government project to fund written work and support writers during the Great Depression
First Chapter
The Canadian Writers Photography Project
Denton, Don
A "photographic archive" of Canadian writers from across the country.
George Orwell: A Life
Crick, Bernard
A biography of George Orwell.
"I think the dead are with us": John Berger at 88
Maughan, Philip
A brief biography and recounting of a meeting by the author with the late author John Berger.
IFJ Calls on Writers to Demand Their Rights from Google
Sources News Release
the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has called on all journalists who have had their books scanned by Google through its Google Book Search to claim their rights to payment.
Literary lists: Proof of our existence
Kitamura, Katie
Katie Kitamura on why novelists are compulsive list-makers.
London, Jack - Writings - Index
London, Jack
Writings of Jack London (1876-1916).
More than 3,500 petition Iran to free journalists, writers
Sources News Release
More than 3,500 concerned people from around the world are petitioning Iran#s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, to immediately release dozens of journalists writers, and bloggers currently...
Must Writers Be Moral? Their Contracts May Require It
Shulevitz, Judith
Publishers have been adding clauses to contracts that let them break relationships with writers who display behaviour that could damage their reputations. Many see this as a risky loophole open to abu...
Powerful publicity and marketing tools for publishers and authors
Helping authors and publishers to publicize themselves and their books with a package of marketing and media relations tools designed to get publicity in the media and to reach readers and book buyers...
Reflecting on the plight of African journalists on World Refugee Day
PEN International
Two Ethiopian writers in exile; two victims of the repression of freedom of speech.
A reputation built on quiet regret
A rare interview with William Trevor
Allardice, Lisa
Interview with the short story writer William Trever on the themes of guilt, regret, sadness and faith in his oeuvre.
Self-Publishing Manual
How to write, print & sell your own book
Poynter, Dan
A comprehensive manual on self-publishing your own book which covers all aspects of the process from writing to selling.
Shakespeare, William
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Sources Bookshelf
Featuring books and DVDs by Sources member authors.
Sources Select Authors
Authors available to take media calls about their area of expertise.
Speaking to the Media
A special report from Sources with articles from The Sources HotLink
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Being seen, heard, and quoted in the media is perhaps the quickest, best, and most lasting way for a speaker to become better known and more sought after. This booklet offers advice on handling media ...
Why are you telling me this?
Eleven Acts of Intimate Journalism
Elton, Heather; Moon, Barbara; Obe, Don
Eleven journalists from the Arts Journalism Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts get personal.
WiPC issues a call for solidarity for persecuted writers
Sources News Release
To mark the Day of the Imprisoned Writer (DoIW) on 15 November, the Writers in Prison Committee of International PEN (WiPC) is highlighting the cases of imprisoned writers and honouring those who have...
The Woman Reader
Jack, Belinda
Belinda Jack's history of women's reading and the ceaseless controversies it has inspired, explores what and how women of widely differing cultures have read through the ages.
The Writer as Migrant
Jin, Ha
Chinese born Ha Jin discusses the ways in which nationality and culture, exile and emigration affect the course of a writer's life career and influence the work he produces.
Writing Down the Bones
Freeing the Writer Within
Goldberg, Natalie
Suggestions for how to create good writing.
Writing from the Inside Out
Transforming Your Psychological Blocks to Release the Writer Within
Palumbo, Dennis
Palumbo encourages writers to use their fears, doubts and stress to construct their stories, instead of trying to overcome them.

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Fame & Fortune Online
Comprehensive listing of awards available to Canadian journalists.
Sources Select Resources
Reviews and information about print and online resources for journalists and researchers
Reviews and information about print and online resources for journalists and researchers.