War Memorials

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Battle of the Somme: the horrific epitome of the first world war
German, Lindsey
Thousands of men who went over the top that morning thought they would meet little resistance. 57,000 were dead or wounded by the end of the day.
Funeral Oration for the Athenian War Dead
Speech was given by the Athenian leader Pericles after the first battles of the Peloponnesian war.
Martial Matters
Cahill, Rowan
A selection of commentaries on Australian martial experience at radical odds with mainstream Australian histories.
One by One, South Sudan Tries to Name Its War Victims
Turse, Nick
In South Sudan, where a vicious civil war has been raging, no government office or nongovernmental organization has kept a tally of the names of those killed by government forces, rebels, and other ar...
Shot at Dawn Memorial: Connexipedia Article
A British Monument in memory of the 306 British and Commonwealth soldiers executed for cowardice and desertion during World War I.
War Photography at the Tate Modern: Receding into Memory
Kampmark, Binoy
If photography is a record of suspended death, a suggestion that the subject is both frozen in time and rendered lifeless in the broader sense of things, then the nature of war is, in many ways, a per...

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