U.S. Immigration Laws

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Death in the Desert: Migrants Risk Everything to Cross the Border
Sprague, Jeb
This is a NAFTA border. Money moves freely, people with money do too, but the poor are pushed into a dangerous cycle of crossing the desert.
Failing the Trump Test: Cops for Fascism
Ramsey, Joseph G.
Donald Trump just picked up his latest big endorsement: from the New England Policeman’s Benevolent Association, “the fastest-growing law enforcement organization in the northeastern United States” (a...
A Gran Marcha and Beyond: Against The Current vol. 122
The Editors
March, 2006 marked an eruption that hit the streets, showed its strength, and took everyone including its participants by surprise. Millions marched all over the country: 300,000 in Chicago, 50,000 i...
A history of American anti-immigrant bias, starting with Benjamin Franklin’s hatred of the Germans
Merelli, Annalisa
In the 1750s, the United States of America was not yet a country, but its trouble with immigrants already had begun. People of non-WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) descent were crossing the ocean t...
Iraq's Torture by Sanctions: Against The Current vol. 91
Finkel, David
An interview with Kathy Kelly. Kathy Kelly, organizer for Voices in the Wilderness, has been involved in the struggle around ending sanctions against Iraq for the past decade. David Finkel interviewed...
Rolling Back Reconstruction: Against The Current vol. 159
Miah, Malik
The 'Reconstruction Amendments” — the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the United States Constitution — are targeted in many of the Tea Party and far-right Republican campaigns against the rights of ...
Shooting to Kill Immigrants on the Mexican Border : A Border Agent Fired First at Immigrant Smugglers?
Lindorff, Dave
Sometimes it takes a small tragedy to call attention to expose a much bigger one. The small tragedy happened when Nicholas Ivie, a US Border Patrol agent, was shot dead on a dark night in rough terra...
U.S. Labor's Subterranean Fire: Against The Current vol. 131
Post, Charlie
The broad outlines of the crisis of the U.S. labor movement -— sharply declining union density, concession bargaining, failures to organize the growing non-union manufacturing and service sectors, the...
When Human Beings Are Illegal: Against The Current vol. 136
Rachleff, Peter
Once the government assumes the task of separating citizens from "impossible subjects," historian Mae Ngai points out, "the border" is everywhere, not just between countries. Thus, the border has come...
Why ICE Raids Imperil Us All
Moss, Andrew
Millions of people who have been living and working in the U.S., contributing to their communities and to the economy, are now at risk simply for who they are: people "without papers."