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No Fare Is Fair: A Campaign for Free Public Transit in Toronto: Why Do We Need Free Transit?
Free Transit Toronto
Public transit should be a right for everyone in Toronto. Using subways, buses, and streetcars shouldn't require paying fares, or user fees, that penalize riders with lower incomes.
Public Transit Struggles in London and Toronto: P3s, Transit Workers and Alternatives
Rosenfeld, Herman
Using the fight against transit privatization practices in London, England, Rosenfeld presents a model for reform in Toronto that prioritizes rider concerns such as reduced fares and increased accessi...
Seven News
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Seven News (7 News) was a community newspaper published in the area of Toronto east of downtown which at the time was known as Ward 7. Seven News was published from 1970 to 1985. Seven News is no long...

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Seven News
A community newspaper based in the 'Ward 7' area of Toronto: east of downtown, from Sherbourne Street to Logan Avenue, including Don Vale, Cabbagetown, Regent Park, Riverdale, St. Jamestown. Seven New...

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Size matters: What Berlin’s rapid transit would look like in Toronto
Young, Leslie
Berlin has about 600,000 more people than Toronto and encompasses about 250 more square kilometers, so it's reasonable to expect there to be more subway lines. But not this many: Berlin has 25 subway ...
The year it all went down the tubes for the TTC
Flack, Derek
Flack analyzes the provincial budget cuts imposed by the Mike Harris Conservatives and the resulting lack of funding that led to the Toronto Transit Commission having to increasingly rely on revenue f...