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Connexions Library

Ecology as Politics
Gorz, Andre
Socialism is no better than capitalism if it makes use of the same tools. The total domination of nature inevitably entails a domination of people by the techniques of domination.
Guide to Convivial Tools
Directories, handbooks, bibliographies. Published as Library Journal Special Report No. 13, this guide was produced as a selection and reference tool by the librarian who founded Centro Intercultural ...
A Marxist History of the World Part 2: The Upper Palaeolithic Revolution
Faulkner, Neil
In the second of his regular series Neil Faulkner reveals the incredible innovation and adaptability of our ancient ancestors, their unique combination of language and imagination and how cultures for...
Resource Manual for A Living Revolution: A Handbook of Skills & Tools for Social Change Activists
Coover, Virginia, Deacon, Ellen, Esser, Charles, Moore, Christopher
A manual for people who are concerned or angered by the deterioration of our society and who, because they have some sense that their efforts can have an effect on change, are looking for tools to tra...
Skills for Simple Living
Tillostson, Betty (Edited by)

Sources Library

Be annoying, and don't give up
Birnbauer, Bill
Bill Birnbauer, Senior Lecturer in Journalism at Monash University in Australia, shares the methodology and techniques which have served him best as an investigative journalist.
A reporter's trustworthiness and reputation for integrity is their greatest asset
Smyth, Sam
Sam Smyth of the Irish Independent and Sunday Tribune newspapers talks about the greatest threat to investigative reporting, and how he gets his stories.