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A Dream That is Not for the Drowsy: A Working Theology for Presence and Future-Building: In the Metro Core Across our Country
This book develops some elements of a "working theology" that reflects on the nature of both the social and economic realities as well as local efforts at survival and mission in the metropolitan core...
Introducing Liberation Theology
Boff, Leonardo
This work deals with the basic questions that are tackled by liberation theology--oppression, violence, domination and marginalization. It then goes on to show how the Christian faith can be used as a...
Liberation Theologies - Online Library and Resources
Liberation theology in Latin America has inspired forms of liberation theology around the world, as well as liberation psychology and liberation ecology. This site features a wide selection of article...
A Model of Theological Reflection
Training document to organise analysis of the conditions that foster the existence of skid row.
1992 The Theology of Self-Discovery Offers Hope
McKenna, Paul
The Self-Discovery campaign does not confine itself to the struggles of Indigenous People but addresses the concerns of all social and racial groups who have experienced social/cultural destruction un...
1992: A White Christian Perspective
Starkloff, Carl
I would hope that we can enter into a very sober 1992 event, so that native Christians might be able to retrieve those symbols that will give them new strength. I would hope that God is acting now as ...
Option for the poor: Wikipedia article
The option for the poor or the preferential option for the poor is one of the basic principles of the Catholic social teaching as articulated in the 20th century.
Schweitzer, Albert: Connexipedia Article
German-French theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician. (1875-1965).
Theological Reflection Re: Skid Row
Reflection on the conditions that foster the existence of Skid Rows in Canada.
Theological Reflections on the P.Q. Victory
Goldberger, Rev. Pierre
A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics, and Salvation
Gutierrez, Gustavo
The seminal text of the movement which was later characterized as liberation theology.
The Theology of Respect
Malik, Kenan
What the new theology demands is, in fact, not respect but obedience. 'You will only say or do what we think is acceptable' has become the credo of the multiculturalist censor. It is an attitude that ...

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