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High Stakes Testing: Why Are They Doing This To Our Kids?
Stratman, Dave
The tests are very destructive educationally. They test students on such a broad range of materials that teachers have to rush through the curriculum; they cannot allow real discussion or in-depth stu...
MCAS: Why Is This Being Done to Our Kids?
High stakes tests are meant to legitimize the growing inequality of society. They are designed to drive millions of students out of school so that, if they end up with a low-paying job or no job at al...
"Take This Test and Shove It!"
Spritzler, John
Open resistance to high stakes tests is an important development: it can be the first step in a movement uniting students, teachers, parents, and others against the corporate assault on public educati...
The Tyranny of Testing
Hoffmann, Banesh

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New Democracy Internet site
Supports a democratic revolution to overthrow corporate capitalism, but opposes socialism. Features short articles on labour issues, the deficit, education.