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Royal greed and oppression sold as culture in Swaziland
Penworthy, Peter
Swaziland’s King Mswati III passes suppression, unaccountability and royal opulent spending in the face of drought, starvation and poverty, as traditionally "Swazi" values. Sonkhe Dube, a young exile...
Small country, big struggle
Marqusee, Mike
Swaziland suffers a repressive and corrupt regime.

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Canadian Crossroads International
CCI fosters global understanding by placing Canadian volunteers in the developing world, placing volunteers from developing nations in Canada, and sponsoring community education programs. Each year, m...

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IFJ and FAJ demand release of journalist and lawyer jailed in Swaziland
Sources News Release
The International Federation of Journalists and its African group, the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ), have together asked the release of Bheki Makhubu, editor of The Nation-Swaziland, and hi...
Swazi writers still in jail a year later
Sources News Release
A year has passed since the respected journalist Bheki Makhubu was jailed in Africa's last absolute monarchy. Reporters Without Borders is appalled by his unjustified two-year prison sentence for cont...

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