Surveillance Equipment

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Bringing the Battlefield to the Border: The Wild World of Border Security and Boundary Building in Arizona
Miller, Todd
The U.S.-Mexican border has not only become Ground Zero for every experiment in immigration enforcement and drug interdiction, but also the incubator, testing site, showcase, and staging ground for ev...
Fake cell phone 'towers' may be spying on Americans' calls, texts
Munoz, Eduardo
More than a dozen 'fake cell phone towers' could be secretly hijacking Americans' mobile devices in order to listen in on phone calls or snoop on text messages, a security-focused cell phone company c...
For Owners of Amazon’s Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching Too
Sam Biddle
Amazon's Ring security cameras have a history of lax, sloppy oversight when it comes to deciding who has access to some of the most precious, intimate data belonging to any person: a live, high-defini...
Gaza: Life and death under Israel's drones
Cook, Jonathan
There are many things to fear in Gaza. Drones are increasingly being used for surveillance and extra-judicial execution in parts of the Middle East, especially by the US. There are no statistics that...
How California police are tracking your biometric data in the field: Agencies are using mobile fingerprint scanners, tattoo and facial recognition software
Brown, J Pat; Maass, Dave
EFF and MuckRock got together to reveal how state and local law enforcement agencies are using mobile biometric technology in the field by filing public records requests around the country. Thousands ...
Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You?: How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother
Hartung, William D.
The increasing influence and role of Lockhead Martin, the giant weapons corporation.

Sources Library

Companies that cooperate with dictatorships must be sanctioned
Sources News Release
Reporters Without Borders condemns the criminal cooperation that exists between many western companies, especially those operating in the new technology area, and authoritarian regimes.
Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones
Gallagher, Ryan; Syal, Rejeev
Civil liberties group raises concerns over Met police purchase of technology to track public handsets over a targeted area.