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Lester Rodney: The Long Ball Hitter: Against The Current vol. 145
Fried, Frank
I am writing this piece after reading the New York Times obituary of Lester Rodney, where both the role of the Daily Worker and Lester’s role as its sports writer were given their due credit in the fi...

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Canadian university launches bachelor's degree in sports media
Valji, Salim
Ryerson University, one of Canada’s top journalism schools, has announced the creation of the country’s first bachelor’s degree specifically geared towards sports media.
New Website for International Association of Sports Newspapers
Sources News Release
The International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN) has launched a new website,, to highlight its work in the promotion of the interests and freedom of the sports press.
Sports journalism
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World cup coverage highlights importance for Journalists' security
Garza, Javier
Article detailing the trials and tribulations journalists faced leading to the start of the World Cup in Brazil, and calls for measures to improve conditions for mediapeople in the future.