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The Anti-Semitism That Goes Unreported
Hass, Amira
Our grandparents knew that the order-enforcement authorities wouldn't intervene to help a Jewish family under attack; we know that the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, the Civil Administratio...
Censorship? Haaretz Deletes Amira Hass Article On Surging Settler Violence
Abuimah, Ali
Israel’s Haaretz has mysteriously deleted a powerful article by Amira Hass headlined “The anti-Semitism that goes unreported,” about an unchecked upsurge in violence against Palestinians by Israeli se...
In China's Inner Mongolia, mining spells misery for traditional herders
Denyer, Simon
China's relentless drive for minerals is wreaking havoc on pastoral lifestyles.
In new book, Ilan Pappé says settler colonialism and apartheid best explain Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Clarke, Ben
An analysis of Ilan Pappe's new book, Israel and South Africa - The Many Faces of Apartheid, and how Israel's settler colonization of Palestinians is similar to apartheid in South Africa.
Is Israel an Apartheid State?: Rhetoric or Reality? Summary of a Legal Study by the Human Sciences Research council of South Africa
Do Israel's practices in occupied Palestinian territory, namely the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, amount to the crimes of colonialism and apartheid under international law?
Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A re-assessment of Israel's practicies in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law
The Middle East Project, Democracy and Governance Program
A study of the Israel-Palestine situation from the standpoint of international law.
Our Way to Fight: Peace-work under siege in Israel-Palestine
Riordon, Michael
Documents the lives and work of grassroots peace activists, Israelis and Palestinians fighting for justice and human rights on both sides of the wall. The book also explore events that stirred people ...
Palestinian farmers face settler terror
Amayreh, Khalid
Jewish settlers have a long history of terrorising olive farmers, and they are now increasingly resorting to a worrying tactic: poisoning Palestinian water sources.
Palestinian Women Suffer as Israel Violates CEDAW
Frykberg, Mel
Palestinian women continue to suffer abuse and denial of basic human rights at the hands of Israeli settlers and soldiers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
The settlers' retreat was the theatre of the cynical
Steele, Jonathan
The settlers' retreat from Gaza was the theatre of the cynical.