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Allegations Against Russia Less Credible Every Day
Swanson, David
Swanson calls into question the US government-driven media accusations that the Russian government had direct involvement in swaying the 2016 US election for Trump, and exames the motivations behind t...
Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency
Bamford, James
The National Security Agency (NSA) is the largest intelligence gathering agency in the world. James Banford in his sequel to "The Puzzle Palace" draws on newly released government documents and interv...
Capitalist Surveillance State: Everyone's a Target: Threatening Reporters, Spying on Public
There is an inherent tendency for the state, which governs on behalf of a minuscule, ruthless class of obscenely wealthy exploiters, to attempt to amass ever greater power to control the population be...
The Fog of Intelligence: Or How to Be Eternally "Caught Off Guard" in the Greater Middle East
Englehardt, Tom
The phrase "the fog of war" stands in for the inability of commanders to truly grasp what's happening in the chaos that is any battlefield. Perhaps it's time to introduce a companion phrase: the fog ...
Lessons of the Snowden Revelations: You are the Target!
Lopez, Alfredo
We in the Left have long worried about “police state tactics”. Now we have to confront the police state structure. It’s here and it can morph into a real police state with very little effort. Opposing...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - July 22, 2017: Secrecy and Power
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Secrecy is a weapon the powerful use against their enemies: us. This issue of Other Voices explores the relationship of secrecy and power.
Spying by the Numbers: Hundreds of Thousands Subject to Government Surveillance and No Real Protection
Quigley, Bill
Thanks to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden many more people in the US and world-wide are learning about extensive US government surveillance and spying. There are publicly available numbers which sho...
Terror Takeover: The monstrous march of the security state
New Internationalist November 2009 - #427
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Has our panic over terrorism given permission for unchecked abuse? The fear of terrorism has been used to curtail our liberties and violate human rights.
Whose National Security?: Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies
Kinsman, Gary; Buse, Dieter K.; Stedman, Mercedes
Examines RCMP monitoring of trade unionists, Left-wing political groups, students, gays and lesbians, feminists, consumers' associations, Black activists, First Nations people, and Quebec sovereignist...
Why Do We Expose Ourselves?
Taylor, Astra
Among critics of technological surveillance, there are two allusions so commonplace they have crossed into the realm of cliché. One, as you have probably already guessed, is George Orwell's Big Brothe...

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Canadian Institute of International Affairs
The CIIA provides a national, non-partisan forum for the analysis, discussion and debate of international issues focussing on the implications for Canadian interests. Activities include the National F...
Centre for Research on Globalization
An independent research and media group of writers, scholars and activists. Publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focussing on social, econo...

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CorpWatch Announces Version 2.0 of the CrocTail Corporate Subsidiaries Database and Open API
Sources News Release
CorpWatch announces the release of a second version of the CrocTail application and open CorpWatch API. CrocTail provides an interface for browsing information about several hundred thousand U.S. publ...
nerve agent case for 'action' on Russia
Official claim that 'Novichok' points solely to Russia discredited
Ahmed, Nafeez
The case against Russia using the nerve agent Novichok is undermined by earlier reports by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which previously declared that they have no ...
Obama defiant over NSA revelations ahead of summit with Chinese premier
Ackerman, Spencer; Roberts, Dan
President says oversight of NSA surveillance programme should be left to Congress in comments criticising media 'hype.'
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