Secret Societies

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Marx, Bakunin, and the question of authoritarianism
Adam, David
Marx characterized the International as "a bond of union rather than a controlling force" and considered it "the business of the International Working Men's Association to combine and generalize the s...
National Catechism
Bakunin, Mikhail
Bakunin sketches out his vision of an anarchist social and political revolution, stating that "in order to prepare for this revolution it will be necessary to conspire and to organize a strong secret ...
A pro-Israel group's plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia
Electronic Intifada exposes a secret scheme by a pro-Israel pressure group to infiltrate the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia to rewrite Palestinian history, pass off crude propaganda as fact, an...

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Bureau of Public Secrets
Articles from a Situationist perspective.

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Black Hand (extortion)
Wikipedia article
Black Hand (Italian: Mano Nera) was a type of extortion racket. It was a method of extortion, not a criminal organization as such, though gangsters of Camorra and the Mafia practiced it. The roots of ...
Black Hand (Serbia)
Wikipedia article
Unification or Death (Serbian: Ujedinjenje ili smrt), unofficially known as the Black Hand (Crna ruka), was a secret military society formed in 1901 by members of the Serbian Army in the Kingdom of Se...
A freedom that we can't afford
Rightwing thinktanks profess a love of freedom, but their refusal to reveal who funds them is deeply undemocratic
Monbiot, George
Freemarket thinktanks vastly outnumber those arguing for public spending. The author suggests that these thinktanks allow corporations to exert influence on public life without showing their hand, he ...