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Human Rights: in a time of terror: New Internationalist January/February 2008
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A look at human rights in various countries including women's and sex rights.
The Migrations of Roma in the European Union: An Ethnic Minority as the Sport of European Politics
Kropp, Manuela; Striethorst, Anna
France is sending Roma back to Romania, Roma are "voluntarily" leaving the country to go to Macedonia, Czech Roma are seeking asylum in Canada -- these headlines of recent years have repeatedly drawn ...

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Gypsies who went nowhere
Asséo, Henriette
The EU misclassification of Roma as inherently itinerant has done considerable, and continuing, damage to groups of often deeply rooted people.
I Met Lucky People
Matras, Yaron
Matras provides a comprehensive account of Romani culture, language, and history.
Journalists Condemn French Crackdown on Roma and Warn Over Rise of Racism
Sources News Release
Journnalists condemn French crackdown on Roma and warn that it will encourage xenophobia and intolerance.
Roma refugee family facing deportation to neo-Nazi violence in Hungary in two weeks; deportation will separate family
Sources News Release
Roma refugee family settled in Montreal for over three years could be deported before the end of January, forcing them to return with their ten year old daughter to a country where they faced racist v...