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Doing Public Journalism
Charity Arthur
The author argues that journalists should be responsible citizens who with "the power of the press empower others besides the press.
The work of authentic journalists is the most important thing for social movements: How Mercedes Osuna became a rebel with a cause
Bonilla, Mayte G.
Not an activist, social organizer nor a defender: Mercedes Osuna would rather define her work as human labor, something that she has dedicated an entire life to. She was born in a place were true word...

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Idea of Public Journalism
Glasser, Theodore L.
Discusses the strengths and weaknesses of public journalism, the movement aimed at getting the press to promote and improve, not merely report, the quality of public life.
Where News Itself is a Category
Ghosh, Surbir
Highlighting the various reasons for the decline of quality news, Subir Ghosh says when business interests hold sway over all others, the basic tenets of journalism fall by the wayside. However, if pe...

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Reviews and information about print and online resources for journalists and researchers.