Privacy Law

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Why Do We Expose Ourselves?
Taylor, Astra
Among critics of technological surveillance, there are two allusions so commonplace they have crossed into the realm of cliché. One, as you have probably already guessed, is George Orwell's Big Brothe...

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Public Interest Advocacy Centre
PIAC, a national non-profit organization, provides legal representation and research on issues that involve utilities, government programs and important public services. PIAC works on behalf of ordina...

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Obama defiant over NSA revelations ahead of summit with Chinese premier
Ackerman, Spencer; Roberts, Dan
President says oversight of NSA surveillance programme should be left to Congress in comments criticising media 'hype.'
Recommendations on the right to be forgotten
a Quadrature du Net and Reporters Without Borders
On the problems for the protection of freedom of expression and the right to information posed by the right to be removed from search engine results and, more broadly, the right to be forgotten. Priva...
UN slams UK surveillance law, calls for privacy reforms in Canada, France and Macedonia
In yet another blow to the UK's surveillance proponents, the UN Human Rights Committee has criticised the British legal regime governing the interception of communications, observing that it allows fo...