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A Blaze in a Desert: Selected Poems
Serge, Victor
Like Serge's extraordinary novels, A Blaze in a Desert: Selected Poems bears witness to decades of revolutionary upheavals in Europe and the advent of totalitarian rule; many of the poems were written...
Communication for and Against Democracy
Raboy, Marc and Bruck, Peter A. (ed.)
This anthology explores the circumstances in which communication serves at times as an instrument of repression and domination, and at others as a support for human emancipation.
Feminism's March from Nation to Home - interview: Against The Current vol. 163
Brenner, Johanna
Johanna Brenner interviews Ninotchka Rosca.
Grace Paley (1922-2007): Against The Current vol. 131
Huber-Humes, Sonya
Grace Paley described herself as a “somewhat combative pacifist and a cooperative anarchist,” and saw the role of the artist as that of “listener” who would relay stories of those made invisible by so...
Money and Rain: Tom Wayman Live!
Wayman, Tom
Shelley's Socialism
Aveling, Edward; Aveling, Eleanor Marx
One of the few Marxist evaluations of poetry of Percy Byshhe Shelley.
William Morris: From Romantic to Revolutionary
Thompson, E. P.
A biography of the nineteenth-century socialist, designer, artist, and intellectual William Morris.

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Francis Daniel Pastorius
Francis Daniel Pastorius (September 26, 1651-1720) was a German born educator, lawyer, poet, and public official, who is particularly known for his anti-slavery advocacy.
Lost Percy Bysshe Shelley poem Poetical Essay on The Existing State of Things
Poem lost for two centuries finally made public
A radical poem written by Percy Bysshe Shelley when he was just 18 years old can now be read in full after having been kept under lock and key for the last 204 years.

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Bureau of Public Secrets
Articles from a Situationist perspective.
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