Persons Born before 1500

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Cade, Jack: Connexipedia Article
The leader of a popular revolt in the 1450 Kent rebellion. (Died 1450.)
Donia, Pier Gerlofs: Connexipedia Article
Frisian warrior, pirate, and rebel. (1480-1520).
Dózsa, György: Connexipedia Article
Leader of a peasants' revolt against the Hungarian landed nobility. (1470-1514).
Mazdak: Connexipedia Article
A proto-socialist Persian reformer.
Müntzer, Thomas: Connexipedia Article
An early Reformation-era German theologian and Anabaptist. (1488-1525).
Spartacus: Connexipedia Article
Leader of major slave revolt against the Roman Empire. (c. 109 BC-71 BC).

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Joan of Arc
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
A peasant girl born in what is now eastern France who claimed divine guidance, she led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years' War.