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Stolen Seeds: The privatisation of Canada's agricultural biodiversity
Kuyek, Devlin
Through patents and other intellectual property regimes, corporate tactics, and government manoeuvering, public goods are being destroyed to make way for private profit. Seed saving and plant breeding...
Two Decades of Monsanto's Illegal Actions, Frauds and Crimes in India
Shiva, Vandana
Over the two decades since Monsanto entered India, it has violated laws, deceived Indian farmers by making unscientific and fraudulent claims, extracted super profits through illegal royalty collectio...

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A Closer Look at Patent Troll Demand Letters: A Dangerous Problem that Must Be Fixed
Samuels, Julie
We've been talking a good deal lately about the promising Innovation Act. And with good reason — it looks like the best chance we've had for real patent reform that would actually help those getting c...
January's Stupid Patent of the Month: A Method of Updating "Grass" in Video Games
Sources News Release
U.S. Patent 8,529,350 - January's Stupid Patent of the Month. The patent -- titled "Method and System for Increased Realism in Video Games" - is owned by Utah-based troll White Knuckle LLC.
Victory: Photo Hobbyist Prevails Over Junk-Patent Bully
Sources News Release
Patent bully Garfum has abandoned its lawsuit against an online photo hobbyist, just one day after a federal judge set the date for a face-off in court against lawyers for the Electronic Frontier Foun...