Organizational Change

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Connexions Library

Bringing Diversity Home: Lakey, George
Diversity provides an opportunity for activist organizations to strengthen themselves. A lot depends on how it's done.
Multiculturalism at Work: A Guide to Organizational Change
Thomas, Barb; illustrated by Bruun-Meyer, Margie
This book is primarily intended for managers of human services organizations and front-line trainers. It offers a chart of the kind of thinking process which has emerged from the YWCA's experience wit...
People or Personnel and Like a Conquered Province
Goodman, Paul
Goodman offers his analysis of what is wrong with American society, and what could be done about it.
What a Way to Run a Railroad: An Analysis of Radical Failure
Landry, Charles; Morley, David; Southwood, Russell; Wright, Patrick
How can the high failure rate of radical projects, in the media and elsewhere, be understood? This book analyses the reasons why many of the key organisations and projects in this sector, which grew u...

Sources Library

Challenging Times: What's Your Best Bet?
Weygman, Lorraine
Innovation is critical for long term success. Look at your business model. Could it use reinventing or critical surgery?
Talk isn't always cheap
Far from being cheap, talk may turn out to be one of the most valuable assets your company owns
Wallens, Marjorie
Research in workplace culture shows that face-to-face and peer-to-peer communications are critical in changing behaviour at work.