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Ban of Russian Olympic Team: Cold War at its "Best"!
Vltchek, Andre
The West is using both old and new tactics to demonize and discredit all of its opponents, in what is becoming a new Cold War.
The Biased Report that led to Banning Russians at the Olympics
Sterling, Rick
Canadian lawyer Richard Mclaren's report infuenced the World Anti-Doping Agency to call for the banning of all Russian athletes from the Rio Games.
Canadian News Synthesis Project - June 1976: Volume IV Number 4
Serial Publication (Periodical)
The Canadian News Synthesis Project journal presents current news coverage to show major trends in Canada and Latin America.
Human Rights: in a time of terror: New Internationalist January/February 2008
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A look at human rights in various countries including women's and sex rights.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - August 13, 2016: Sports and Politics
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Sports and politics have always been intertwined, though perhaps never as much so as in the current era. In the modern sports era, survival and success depend largely on the favour of corporations, wh...
'68: The Year of the Barricades
Caute, David
Caute's book looks at the explosive year 1968 (while situating it in the context of what had led up to it). One of the great strengths of this excellent book is that it looks at what was happening aro...

Sources Library

Going for Gold: A History of Olympic Controversies
While the Olympics serve to contribute to mutual understanding and finding commonality in difference, from its inception as a religious festival in ancient Greece to the huge celebrations in the twent...
Letter to the World Anti Doping Agency and International Olympic Committee
Regarding the McLaren Report and the Politicization of Doping in Sports
Sterling, Rick
Russian track and field athletes, plus the entire Paralympics team, were banned from the Rio Games last summer. This was based on the first McLaren report commissioned by the World Anti Doping Agency...
Lockdown London
The Olympics will see the UK's biggest mobilisation of security forces since the second world war
Graham, Stephen
The projected expense of security at the upcoming London Olympic Games is $867m -- part of the booming 'security industry'.
Olympic torch stokes warm pride and fiery protest among aboriginals
Mickleburgh, Rod
Differing opinions between aboriginal groups towards the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Torch Relay.
Russia misses out while former drug cheats take their place in Rio
While Russia’s track and field team, including athletes with no doping history, sit out the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, there's a host of athletes who will be allowed to compete in Brazil despite having h...