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Battle to Preserve Palestine's History Rages in New Novel
Irving, Sarah
A review of Radwa Ashour's novel The Woman from Tantoura: A Modern Palestinian Novel (American University in Cairo Press, 2014).
Ken Saro-Wiwa's Antiwar Masterpiece
Feeley, Diane
Saro-Wiwa reflects the chaos and lawlessness of the war by introducing the chaos and lawlessness of the language. Of course it only appears to be chaotic. But it creates an idiomatic rhythm that both ...
Orwell's Triumph: How Novels Tell the Truth of Surveillance
Frank, Sam
Novels may be the best medium for describing a distopian world in which everyone is under constant surveillance.
Reading Lolita in Tehran
Nafisi, Azar
Reviewing Red: Love and Revolution: Against The Current vol. 140
Wald, Alan
At the dawn of the 1960s, the modest tradition of novels depicting men and women active in Marxist movements morphed abruptly from a comparatively marginal to a mainstream phenomenon.
Science fiction is more than just Buck Rogers
Renault, Gregory
Like most modern literature, science fiction is concerned with the alienated human condition, yet it articulates this concern in a distinct manner, as a form of literature concerned with the implicati...
The Secret Museum: Pornography in Modern Culture
Kendrick, Walter
Kendrick looks at the idea of pornography since the word was coined a century and a half ago, concentrating less on the books and pictures that have instigated battles over "pornography" than on what ...
The Socialist Register 1965: Volume 2: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
The Time Machine
Wells, H.G.
Traces of Magma: An Annotated Bibliography of Left Literature
Knight, Rolf
An annotated bibliography of left wing novels which deal with the lives of working people during the twentieth century.

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Catch-22 is a satirical, historical novel by the American author Joseph Heller.
Essays on Thomas Mann
Lukacs, Georg
These essays, written over a number of decades, are intended to throw light on the central problems of the work of Thomas Mann whom Lukacs describes as 'the last great bourgeois writer.' As a friend a...
George Orwell: A Life
Crick, Bernard
A biography of George Orwell.
London, Jack - Writings - Index
London, Jack
Writings of Jack London (1876-1916).
Novel about Jewish-Palestinian love affair is barred from Israeli curriculum
A novel about a love affair between a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man has been barred from Israel's high school curriculum, reportedly over concerns that it could encourage intermarriage between Je...
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