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Almanac Singers: Connexipedia Article
Group of American folk musicians specialized in topical songs, especially songs connected with union organizing.
Baez, Joan: Connexipedia Article
Folk singer, songwriter and activist. (Born 1941).
Bird, Diz and Max at Town Hall, 1945: Birth of a Revolution: Against The Current vol. 124
Crothers, Connie
Hip-hop had a musical parallel in the 1940s. It was the music now called be-bop, although it wasn't called be-bop then. It was "the new thing" or "the revolution in music."
Bound for Glory
Guthrie, Woody
The autobiography of folk singer Woody Guthrie.
Cutural Warriors of the Freedom Struggle: Miriam Makeba and Odetta: Against The Current vol. 138
Hunter, Kim D.
It felt like the end of an era to realize that South Africa’s Miriam Makeba and our own Odetta died within weeks of one another, having been born only months apart, these twin pillars of the struggle ...
Detroit Symphony Musicians on Strike: Against The Current vol. 150
Feeley, Dianne
The musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra have been on strike since October 4, 2010. Thirty-five concerts have been cancelled, while the musicians have organized nine magnificent performances wi...
Greece mourns slain anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas
Strickland, Patrich
A self-professed Golden Dawn member stabbed leftist rapper Killah P to death in Piraeus on September 18, 2013.
A Life Beyond Imagination - review of Searching for Sugar Man: Against The Current vol. 162
Palmer, Bryan D.
A review of “Searching for Sugar Man”, Malik Bendjelloul directing.
Phil Ochs Lives!: "There But For Fortune"
Simmons, Michael
Phil Ochs and his influence.
Phillips, Utah: Connexipedia Article
Labor organizer, folk singer, storyteller, and poet. (1935-2008).
The Ramallah Concert
Barenboim, Daniel, and the East-West Divan Orchestra
This concert by the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra took place in August of 2005 in the Palestinian Territory in the city of Ramallah and includes repertoire that Daniel Barenboim is famous for, such as ...
Schweitzer, Albert: Connexipedia Article
German-French theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician. (1875-1965).
Seeger, Pete: Connexipedia Article
American folk singer. (Born 1919).
'68: The Year of the Barricades
Caute, David
Caute's book looks at the explosive year 1968 (while situating it in the context of what had led up to it). One of the great strengths of this excellent book is that it looks at what was happening aro...
The Weavers: Connexipedia Article
American folk music quartet.

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David Bowie, rock star groupies and the sexually adventurous '70s: "Labeling us as victims in retrospect is not a very conscious thing to do"
Timberg, Scott
Salon speaks to sexologist Carol Queen about the shifts in morality around an era of sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll.
Tales of Music and the Brain
Sacks, Oliver
Oliver Sacks explores the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition. In Musicophilia, he examines the power of music through the individaul experiences of patients, musi...