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The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua 1979-1992
Kunzle, David
The dawn of the new society reveals itself in the murals as a very child-centered world. Children's presence in so many of the murals forces one to concur with Kunzle's comment, "The insistence, again...
Recovering the Sandinista Murals: Review of The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua 1979-1992 by David Kunzle
Feeley, Dianne
Obliterating the artifacts of the revolution is an important task for those who want to rewrite history. David Kunzle's book, The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua 1979-1992, is thus more than a catal...

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Kenyan grafitti artists target vulture politicians
Chonghaile, Clar Ni
A crew of Kenyan grafitti artists are making murals that urge citizens not to re-elect corrupt politicians who have a legacy of exploiting tribal differences to gain power.