Military Leadership

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Connexions Library

Can Soldiers Resist?: Against The Current vol. 133
Franco, Nate
Interviews with Tod Ensign and Phil Aliff.
The Careerists
Hedges, Chris
The greatest crimes of human history are made possible by the most colourless human beings.
An Interview with Tanya Reinhart: The Roadmap to Nowhere
Hazan, Eric
Persistent struggle can have an effect, and can lead governments to act. Such struggle begins with the Palestinian people, who have withstood years of brutal oppression, and who, through their spirit ...
The Kill Team
Krauss, Daniel
An account of the aftermath of one American soldier's decision to turn whistleblower after his involvment in the Maywand District murders during the War in Afghanistan.
The Lessons of Lebanon: Against The Current vol. 124
Avnery, Uri
So what has happened to the Israeli army? This question is now being raised not only around the world, but also in Israel itself. Clearly, there is a huge gap between the army's boastful arrogance, on...
Sweeter than Honey: Ethiopian Women and Revolution: Testimonies of Tigrayan Women
Through the voices of Tigrayan women-farmers, famine survivors and military commanders this book allows the reader to see what is happening in Tigray. Women have been working with the People's Liberat...
Who is Afraid of a Real Inquiry?
Avnery, Uri
If a real Commission of Inquiry had been set up into the Free Gaza Flotilla attack (instead of the pathetic excuse for a commission), here are some of the questions it should have addressed.

Sources Library

MoD staff and thousands of military officers join arms firms
Guardian research in the aftermath of the 'jobs for generals' scandal shows extent of links between MoD and private sector
Hopkins, Nick; Evans, Rob; Norton-Taylor, Richard
Conflicts of interests are brought to light as senior military personnel depart the military and transition into the private sector side of the military industrial complex.