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An Examination of the Microcredit Movement
Meade, Jason
An examination of the microcredit movement, its history, how it functions, and future trends.
Grameen Bank: Connexipedia Article
A microfinance organization and community development bank started in Bangladesh that makes small loans (known as microcredit or "grameencredit" to the impoverished without requiring collateral.
The Microfinance Delusion: Marred by Wall Street-Style Greed, Profiteering, Client Abuse, and Market Chaos
Bateman, Milford
By celebrating self-help and individual entrepreneurship, and by implicitly discrediting all forms of collective effort, such as trade unions, social movements, cooperatives, public spending, a pro-po...
Microfinance or Debt Trap? What the Poor Don't Know
Qazi, Moin
Qazi's article outlines how poorly designed microfinance initiatives harm rather than help low income borrowers.
The Power of a Dollar
Bateman, Milford
Microcredit is nothing more than a socially validated way for financial elites to exploit the poor.

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Canadian Co-operative Association
To promote the growth and development of the co-operative movement in Canada.

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The Enduring Myth Of Microfinance
Qazi, Moin
When microfinance-provision of financial services tailored to fit the needs of low income people – made its first appearance, everyone was infatuated by its narrative.