Meat Packing Industry

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The Jungle
Sinclair, Upton
Upton Sinclair's sixth novel and first popular success, written when he was sent by the socialist weekly newspaper Appeal to Reason to Chicago to investigate conditions in the stockyards. Though inten...
The Jungle at 100: Against The Current vol. 115
Phelps, Christopher
When it was first published as a book in 1906, The Jungle’s graphic revelations about the American meatpacking industry, combined with its compelling story of an immigrant worker’s brutal degradation,...
Meatpackers: An Oral History of Black Packinghouse Workers and Their Struggle for Racial and Economic Equality
Halpern, Rick; Horowitz, Roger
Provides an important window into race and racism in the American workplace. In their own words, male and female packinghouse workers in the Midwest - mostly African-American - talk of their experienc...
24 Days in Brooks
Inkster, Dana (Director)
Centred on the 24-day Lakeside Packers strike, this film is a nuanced portrait of people working together for change. They are people like Peter Jany Khwai, who escaped war in Sudan and Edil Hassan, a...