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The Canso Strait Fisherman's Strike, 1970-71
Cameron, Silver Donald
An account of the 1970-71 strike of Nova Scotia fishermen, after two large fisheries refused to recognize their newly formed union.
Restructuring and Resistance: Diverse voices of struggle in Western Europe
Abramsky, Koyla
The book consists of 77 individual chapters, almost all of them written by activists based on their experiences of struggle against the different aspects of capitalist globalisation. Those that aren't...
Restructuring and Resistance: Perspectives from Atlantic Canada
Fairley, Bryand, Leys, Colin, Sacouman, James (eds.)
Seeks to answer two questions: Will the Atlantic region further marginalise to the point of an eventual elimination of the rural economy of small producers and the social system underlying this econom...
Toward A New Maritimes: A Selection From Ten Years of New Maritimes
McKay, Ian; Milsom, Scott (eds.)
A collection of investigative reportage that looks at the historical, economic, cultural, and personal forces at work in the Maritimes.
Winter of Discontent
Williams, Rick
Whole communities are being plunged into a poverty culture that is very difficult to escape.

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Serial Publication (Periodical)
Web site of Nova Scotia's "discovery magazine". The magazine is no longer published, but an archive is available online.