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Coastal Labrador: Incorporation, Exploitation and Underdevelopment
House. J.D.
This paper was first presented for the 5th International Seminar on Marginal Regions in Dublin, Eire, July, 1979.
Labrador: Land Claims Run Aground: Atlantic Issues, Vol. 3, No. 1
Tanner, Adrian
The Indians of Labrador have been pressing land claims as have Native people in other parts of Canada.
Primer on a Society to Be Transformed
This audiovisual is an educational tool to be used in conjunction with the primer on social justice prepared by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Strategy for Labrador Straits: Aiming for Development
This report outlines a framework for economic development of the Labrador Straits area. Input was requested from community councils, fisheries committees, high school students, private citizens and m...

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Canada Rediscovered
McGhee, Robert
Robert McGhee descirbes wat we know about early European explorations of what is now Canada - Irish, Norse, English Portuguese, French, Spanish - as well as the early Europeans' interactions with the ...
Labrador Days
Tales of the Sea Toilers
Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason